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3D Animation, 3D Modelling and 3D Illustration in Aberdeen

3D Animation & Visualisation

Using the latest hardware and software, we can take your ideas from photos or drawings and produce a realistic 3D models and animation from scratch. 3D animation makes for an effective sales tool or training aid

Real-time Interactivity

CGFX can offer Real Time interactive 3D simulations that are customised to the clients requirements. Simulation, like animation has many benefits. It allows users to train/learn whilst at the same time reducing; the risk of physical harm, damage to equipment, and in turn financial loss. It is a safe alternative to the real thing

PDMS Rendering

CGFX offers a unique service that takes industry standard PDMS models and transforms them into realistic visuals suitable for presentation purposes.PDMS Models generally are not suitable for animation, but we will look at all proposals before deciding it cannot be done!

About CGFX

CGFX logo.

Few words about CGFX

CGFX specialises in the design, development and production of 3D visualisations and animations for a range of industrial sectors. Our customers vary from the very small to the very large, from domestic to international - what they have in common is that they all get the same excellent standard of craftsmanship and customer service.

What we do

Our work is used internally and externally to promote and inform the employees, clients and stakeholders of our customers about the products, safety systems and services available to make their lives more productive and safer. With our proven technology, expertise and innovative approach, we construct realistic virtual models and environments that meaningfully communicate with the target audience.

We have demonstrated the flexibility and cost effectiveness of 3D visualisation and animation within the following sectors: oil and gas, sub-sea engineering, shipping, medical, engineering, construction & defence industries, and are particularly successful in areas where access is difficult or hazardous, or where a critical scenario has to be practiced without risk.

Some of the sectors we do work for are:

Oil and Gas


Product Design


Oil tools



Televison (animation for)

Some of Our work

"The animation work produced by CGFX had a huge impact on our project delivery plans as it provided the facility to conduct a constructability review where the entire team could see our planned sequence. The movie was produced on time and was invaluable to our preparations : I wouldn't hesitate to produce this type of sequence again."

James Ellerton, Petrofac

"We engaged CGFX to modernise our existing range of posters and put them into a 3D format. We also wanted to create 3D posters for a company-wide safety campaign. The team at CGFX were very easy to deal with and picked up our theme very quickly. They turned the work around in a very short space of time and the images that they produced were excellent. The project represented excellent value for money for QTEC International and I would not hesitate in recommending others to use CGFX for their 3D animation."

Tony Brady, Project Manager,QTEC International

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